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June 14, 2005 || 4:48 pm

Yesterday was a bit of a write-off. I decided to take the morning off to compensate for working till 3am on a Sunday night in order to email some stuff off to England in time for first thing Monday morning. But I did get some of our drawings for Rural Development done before heading to the Mexican for a meal followed by drunken dancing till late in my friend's huge and beautiful apartment (think classic Greenwich Village loft but with no rent). America has the best music culture. Everyone knows every song - whether country, soul, rock'n'roll, hip-hop, bluegrass classics - and they intertwine in ways that we never conceive of in England. I'll really miss the enthusiam for such diverse music and the lack of snobbery that you find here (I know, NYC isn't the same, but they don't have the roots culture like here.) And my friends can really dance!

And then, you find out that one of your friends (a blues guitar genius) is Britney Spears' second cousin! like, wowee!! Ensue drunken discussion about why BS is quite so fascinating (conclusion: she is the embodiment of America and we love the fact that she's so innocent about her trashiness) and the revelation that the last time he saw her was when they were five and she was poking at a possum with a stick. Go Southern gals!

And one of the Kennedys has applied to be a Rural Studio outreach student. Sorry love, you've been outed: email sent by admin staff to director read "XXXX Kennedy has applied to the outreach programme. She's a real Kennedy. No shit."



Hi there,

I'm writing from Open Source, a new public radio show that aims to bring the spirit of the web onto the radio each night, to let you know that we included this post in last night's show, something we called Blogsday, in honor of James Joyce and "Bloomsday."

We combed through hundreds and hundreds of posts that were all written on June 14, 2005, stuff we found all over the web, and then read excerpts of our favorites for an hour of live radio. It was a bit of an experiment, but we were thrilled with the results.

We didn't have time to alert any of the bloggers whose posts we included in advance, since we were producing the show until the second we went live, but I wanted to let you know now that this post -- or at least a part of it -- was read live on the air. Now that we finally have time to catch our breaths, we'd love to hear what you have to say.

Best regards,
Dave Miller
Senior Producer, Open Source

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