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June 23, 2005 || 2:56 pm

Midnight welding and daytime teleworking

I've been a bit underslept the last few days due to staying up for midnight welding with Carol and Butch on the Subrosa Pantheon on Monday and Tuesday nights. The Subrosa - a project designed by Sambo Mockbee as a memorial space for two friends of his, which is now being completed by Carol - involves much of Sambo's complex cosmology and symbolism, the side of his work that few think of when they think about his work housing the poor. So it has long steel rods that poke out of the top like beaver sticks, and that have circles welded to them to align with certain stars and planets and as it has been the solstice, this has been the time to weld them in the middle of the night to make sure they align. It all sounds very hippy, I know, but the result is actually fantastic and not hippy at all - much more deeply rooted in this place and the Southern landscape.

Welding at night is great fun - up on a tall manlift, casting huge shadows over the grass. And in the daytime, tracing the shadow of the sun at midday on the floor of the Subrosa, then going swimming in the creek...

But as they say, that was then and this is now - for the last few days I've been working hard on getting a bid document in for an exciting new project with GPA in London, only to have one of our bid partners pull out at the last minute due to a conflict of interest, cueing a frantic rush to find a replacement...



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