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June 15, 2005 || 11:37 pm

Why is it that 16 yr old boys here think they have a chance at chatting me up? I feel like a jaded old granny when I have absolutely no compunction at telling them straight out that they'd better not bother. Every day it seems some shy black boy will stop outside Beacon Street, look hesitant and then ask me how I'm doing. Sometimes it takes a few seconds, and right now I had one sweet shy one sit watching me work for fifteen minutes before he summoned up the courage to ask my age. Some of the older kids are more cocky - but even if they are 18 or 20 - sorry, they don't have a chance, whether or not they believe me. Yes, you're welcome to sit in my kitchen and watch me work, but no I won't take your number, I won't go for a drive with you and I'm not going to go for 'just a walk'.

I never see 16 yr old white boys - they don't walk around town, they are whisked in SUVs back to their houses with big yards to hang around in. (A bit of a generalisation, but not much.) But 25-40 yr old white men in bars - oh, lots of them asking my age too, and they don't believe me either when I tell them they haven't a chance. At least the black kids are generally quite handsome. A white redneck with a beer belly? Not even eye candy.

Links for today:

I can't believe that the combined landline/mobile phone has only just got to England! My German cousin told me about that she had this in Berlin about three years ago.

We love to hear more about Natalie Jeremijenko crazy cool ideas (via WorldChanging.)

All respec' to Johnny B's defence of the post office in the style of The Streets.

And (small glint of pride) now if you do follow links from plasticbag, you will get to me....hooray, someone I don't personally know links to me!



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