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June 11, 2005 || 3:24 pm

The venerable Ben Hammersley's concise and incisive powerpoint from the Reboot conference, well worth a look. (thanks Boing Boing!) Ah, coffee houses - not something we have in West Alabama. Can't wait to get back to Bar Italia and the fact that my office wireless reaches downstairs to Monmouth Coffee. Today the tropical storm rain has hit and going to a cafe to work on the laptop in a cosy warm place, watching the storm rage from the inside, is exactly what I want to be doing. That, or going to the Shack to play dominoes for hours...

If only I wasn't so behind with my book stuff! This is it for today; I've got to stop blogging and do some real work. Turn off the RSS feed, turn off Limewire, turn up the music and get down to it!



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