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June 29, 2005 || 10:13 pm
Miss Phillips has moved in

I just went down to see our little house, because I heard that Miss Phillips, our wonderful client, had moved in! Very exciting for us to see her finally in the house. So I got there and she was sitting out on the porch looking beautiful as ever. And she really has moved in. Everything's there, looking spotlessly clean (of course) and incredibly touching. Her family photos, her ragdolls, her dining room set which looks just the same as it did before (see here for a picture.) I was so happy to see her inhabiting the space and seemingly pretty happy with it. She's an extraordinary lady and sitting on her porch just listening to her talk was a wonderful break from my computer-addled day. It's hard to describe the presence that she has and the way she arranges all her belongings with such serenity and personality.

It's really interesting (or depressing) to see that she absolutely does not open her windows at all, despite the fact that she always has the doors open and there is no air conditioning in the house. I didn't have a chance to ask her about it today but I know from talking to many other people here that they just don't do that. Design-wise this presents a real challenge because we want to naturally ventilate the house, both for eco reasons and, more importantly, to keep the bills down. But we can't afford to put in so many doors to the house (a door is 2 times as much as a window) and also, in the winter when doors are shut, you don't get any light in (unless you get a glazed door that is 4 times as expensive as a window.) I wish it was possible to teach her to open windows, but sadly I think, given the amount of time and effort we put into explaining about the relative durability of floor coverings to no avail, it would be utterly futile...



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