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June 08, 2005 || 2:31 am

I'm pretty much the lone blogger among my friends, although it does amaze me that a group of people so universally interested in contemporary culture are so not into blogs. So to y'all out there, I'm going to start feeding you a daily linklog that hopefully might get more of you wasting your time like me by browsing the net...and maybe you'll learn something, laugh or suggest me a link that I've missed out...

We like to see someone caring so much about housing policy that they set up such an effective countercampaign: CHAos in Chicago. (thanks to A Daily Dose of Architecture among others.)

The Beeb is truly a great public service. Read this, especially the musicians among you. (thanks, plasticbag.org.)

None of you read the Daily Mail, right, so you won't have seen what they managed to get out of Hillary Clinton's new bio. Well, read it all here without the embarrassment of your colleagues seeing the Mail's logo on your desktop.

No longer on the site, but yesterday the Drudge Report told us that Google is now worth more than TimeWarner, the world's biggest media company. It's a fecking search engine, what's going on?!?

And for those of you who are real architecture whores and yet don't know about this site: welcome to The Gutter. Now you don't have to visit the AA bar or St John to pick up on the gossip.



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