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April 25, 2007 || 9:42 pm

Isn't it ironic that, for me, the most exciting things in my life tend to stop me from blogging about them? Like, for example, the boy buying a house in Essex fields on his birthday, and our lives suddenly becoming bi-locational?

Because, of course, the new abode doesn't have internet (yet) and the whole affair has made me so busy that blogging on any of the various places I post my scribblings (apologies to the worldchanging crew and any developing news readers) has been impossible. Well, now I have a spare hour in the London abode to tell you about it all - and I don't even have any decent photos of it all.

But we are now proud and slightly dazed occupants of an eccentric house named Hungry House, complete with conservatory with vine and an inherited black cat. And an asparagus bed in the vegetable patch, and an apricot tree, and many other excitements. It looks like this. It is very exciting. Further installments of news will follow - including 'Why is it called Hungry House' and many other FAQs...

Hungry House


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