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June 11, 2005 || 3:36 am

I spent all day on AutoCAD today and forgot how boring it is and how glad I am that I'm not going to have to do much more of it ever again. Tropical Storm Arlene is heading towards Alabama and threatening hurricane status. I'm excited it's hurricane season again. The last couple of days, the thunder has been rolling around and there have been bouts of dramatic pink lightning at night like an omen, without much rain falling but with that gorgeous wet rain smell in the air.


I love this: The Corrugated Iron Club which is actually maintained by Common Ground thus further cementing my utter admiration for this fantastic organisation.

Don't trust food that refuses to grow mould.

The wonderfulkidnapped Dalek. There's a ransom note genius at work out there. (thanks, plasticbag!)



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