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November 24, 2006 || 11:17 am
Back fiddlin'

Did my first bluegrass gig on English soil last night, stepping in at the last minute with the thoroughly excellent Coal Porters, headed up by Sid Griffin of Long Ryders fame, who I heard in London on St Patrick's Day last. Had to learn a whole load of their original material from scratch in a couple of days and one rehearsal...and last night we were down in Bristol at the Prom with me casting glances at my crib sheet (Idiot wind...f*** those chord changes...when does my break come...what, now?!? help!!) but nevertheless I did have the best time and I think we all had fun. They have an excellent fiddle player usually in Gemma White so it was truly a privilege to step in.

It felt so good to get back to playing some of that ol' lonesome sound music again...with a bit of ruckus thrown in at the end! Fingers crossed I may get a few more gigs with them in the future, so watch this space. And if any of you have the need for a fiddler, I'm getting back in the scene!


November 20, 2006 || 10:56 pm
Hanified: iPod

The damn thing died. Not immediately after I dropped it on the floor - oh no, it continued to play the track quite happily. But then I tried to skip to another track and a dreadful clicking noise started. It carried on clicking until it ran out of battery. Then if I tried to restart it, the clicking started again.

Hate gadgets. Desperately want a new one. Sod's law will have it die when I actually NEED it to work, when I'm desperately trying to learn a whole bunch of new songs for a last-minute gig I've been asked to play, bringing me onto stage for the first time in a year.

Well - I have resisted temptation only so far: it is on my wishlist, and my unchecked out shopping cart...


November 15, 2006 || 2:55 pm
Jedi Knights ask for UN recognition

In the last census, 390,000 people listed Jedi Knight as their religion, making it the UK's fourth largest belief system. Today they are marking the UN's International Day of Tolerance by asking for them to gain official recognition.

"Like the UN, the Jedi Knights are peacekeepers and we feel we have the basic right to express our religion through wearing our robes, and to be recognised by the national and international community.

"Tolerance is about respecting difference where ever it lies, including other galaxies. Please don't exclude us from your important work. May the Force be with you."

They want the day to be renamed Interstellar Day of Tolerance.


2:52 pm

The ever fantastic mysociety have come up with another genius project of the sort that you think 'how come no-one did this years ago?'

They've launched the beta of an e-petition site that enables you to launch a petition, email all your friend,s gather electronically verified signatures and then email it off to Downing St all in a few easy clicks. It's all done in partnership with the Prime Minister's office so super-legit and might actually work.

Now I've just got to think of something to petition about...


November 08, 2006 || 4:34 pm
WorldChanging book

Yesterday I received my contributor's copy of the eponymous book from worldchanging.com (where my latest post on on Google Sketch-up is up, btw) and it is humungously exciting. Beautifully designed, packed with authoritative, pithy articles on everything from nanotechnology to urbanism to lightbulbs, it really is the definitive "User's Guide to the 21st Century" as the strapline has it.

And all priced at a very reasonable £24.95 (£16.46 on Amazon, though please support your local bookshop...) so guys, you know what to get all your friends for Christmas! Shameless plug, I know - but with a foreword by Al Gore and rave reviews from the other side of the Atlantic where it is already released, the book speaks for itself. Out officially on the 24th November in the UK.


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