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June 25, 2005 || 6:34 pm
It's hot

It's hot. Right now it's 90F (32C) and the town is drowsy. You just can't move too fast in this heat, so everyone saunters, driving slowly down Main Street with the windows down. But thunderstorms are due tomorrow and the sky is clouding over. I've done my Saturday chores (pay phone bill, oil change, etc) and now I'm off to Mississippi to Carol Mockbee's brother's high school graduation.




Your site is quite interesting. I was wandering around the internet, and decided to google someone I haven't seen in 15 years or so. I met a Carol Mockbee when I was around 9 or 10 years old, and we kept in touch through letters over the years. It has been a while since we last wrote, but I was wondering if you had any contact info that you could give me, e-mail, phone, etc. I do know that the Carol Mockbee I knew was a pretty girl, and she did go to Auburn. That's all I know, and she did live in Alabama growing up. Anyway, if you could send her contact info to me @ aucoin12002@yahoo.com OR travisa@bollingershipyards.com, I would appreciate it. If not, I'll have to look elsewhere, somewhere down the road. Thanks.


By Anonymous Travis Aucoin, at 2:52 am  

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