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June 18, 2005 || 1:23 am

I'm on public radio! very strangely, they decided that they liked to hear about Britney and the possum and it was featured as part of Open Source's Blogsday. Fame at last (or something. When Radio 4 come calling then I'll know I've made it!) I was more chuffed by the company I was keeping - not every day am I in any way connected to Talking Ponts Memo. But I was quite disturbed by the voice they gave me - like a stupid Southern housewife - could they not tell from my blog that I was English and, erm, more ironic than that?!

Meanwhile in the world of links:

This Open Democracy article about the Iranian elections gives a pretty good run-down of the political development of Iran since the revolution, but I'mnot sure about its concluding point in the last para. How, really, is boycotting the election going to help? I'm all for the 'soft' evolution that started to happen under Khatami. I know his hands were tied to some degree but the beginnings of change seemed to be (at least when I was there a couple of years ago) really making an impact on everyday life, without the lurching rollercoaster effect of 'regime change' and revolution.

Interesting stuff about football (sorry soccer) in America and its racial problems. The US really is extraordinary in its social racism - I see it every day here. Its OK to help poor blacks with charity, but socialise with them and try to get to know them? No way.



Ha! Sorry about the southern-ification. The actress had no context or blog, just the text she was given. The night of the reading she told us she could do a Covington, LA accent, and in fact by that point nobody knew who had produced what text any more and we were all a bit crazed.

That said, she did nail the Covington. Even if it isn't you.

Brendan Greeley
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