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April 25, 2006 || 9:52 pm

A pretty appalling performance, I gather - because I have been stuck at home listening to Five Live trying desperately to work in preparation for a crit rather than standing in the pub - but Arsenal are through to the finals of the Champions League! Apart from the fact that it nearly killed me from a heart attack at several moments - have ever ninety minutes seemed so long? I'm over the moon. Can't wait. Fate, somehow, was on our side tonight. Perhaps we didn't deserve it - but perhaps given our season, we did in the balance of the god of footballing justice.

Too long without a post here, I am aware - general news has been too much busy-ness before and after a glorious five days in Scotland over Easter picking mussels off the beach and walking the hills. Much to do too over the next month so don't expect too much banter happening on the blog. In the mean time - come on Paris!!


April 10, 2006 || 6:46 pm
Democracy via daytime TV

The outcome of the People's Millions was announced today. I blogged about it on the new blog here so go read, if you're interested.


April 05, 2006 || 8:24 am
Blair on pledgebank

I saw this come through and thought it was a hoax. But apparently the pledgebank staff have confirmed with Downing Street that it is not. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you didn't hear it first on the Today programme, you heard it here: Tony Blair is a pledgebank user (the same website as I used against George 'catlover' Galloway) and has pledged:

"I will become the patron of a London community sports club. I will work with the club over the years as the Olympics approaches in 2012 to support their development and raise their profile but only if 100 other public figures in London will join me in supporting other clubs."

There's something really weird about this, especially as he hasn't publicised it at all (or as far as I've heard - correct me if I'm wrong) so it almost seems destined to fail. Has the man who famously doesn't really have a grasp on email written (on paper or via the interweb) to all his 'public figure' friends to ask them to sign up? Is he trying to undermine pledgbank's street cred (as diamond geezer says the most successful pledge on the site is against ID cards)? What do people think about this?


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