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June 16, 2005 || 7:55 am

On the subject of tags, del.icio.us etc (a bit of a follow-on to the Britain's Missing Bloggers debate, at least in my head) this talks about the interesting divide between hardcore/old-skool techies and the social software-ites. And how social software is clearly the way forward for the net now its expanding too fast to handle in an automated, non-human way.

Basically, as the post says, del.icio.us is exactly like Google only better because it's a human filtering the info. (Or rather, better for some things - Google will always still be useful for picking up references in pages where your search subject is not the main point and therefore not tagged.) And collaborative blogs are way better than individuals like me rambling on at length. And y'all out there [my friends who read this but no other internet stuff] really need to get into RSS. And wikis. And for those of you who think I'm a total geek, I'm not, but this stuff is really interesting! The semantics...the structures...the insights into human relations and opting in/out of social situations....there's a post in there relating to some of my concerns about participation in the architecture/urban renewal sphere but that's going to have to wait for another night. I'm tired.



Good luck with that proposed post - I've tried and failed to encapsulate those kinds of things/trends recently and failed... well not failed... but I'm not convinced anyone would read 5000 words or so of my rambling nonsense!

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