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January 01, 2006 || 10:06 pm
Happy 2006!

Happy New Year to you all and I hope 2006 brings you good things and new experiences. I saw the New Year in down at a friend's house in Devon; much champagne was drunk and much dancing ensued.

To commemorate the passing of time (or something) I have a new flickr set. It memorialises some of the items that I have owned, loved, Hanified and finally buried in 2005. I've blogged about this before here, here and here.

I find it hard to say goodbye to a favorite pair of trainers or indeed any much-loved item that reaches a point of uselessness. I've been known to wear items that any reasonable person would long ago have consigned to the dustbin. Throwing things away is not my strong point, so I keep trying to find new ways of recycling, memorialising or prolonging the death throes of obsolescent objects. The flickr set also serves as tribute to my own slapstick clumsiness and lack of respect for precious objects (another crucial element of Hanification - the more expensive, the more likely I am to damage it ireeparably in a short period of time). Only I could try to pull out a nail, and end up breaking the hammer.

Expect the set to grow over 2006!




So do I find it difficult to discard my 'stuff' after its point of uselessness (so as mys). Somehow it just seems wrong and feels like I am actually betraying something. I know it is silly, but at some point the 'stuff' is not just a stuff anymore. So I prefer things that can be with me for a long time... I guess I don't like to be alone.

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