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January 05, 2006 || 11:20 pm
I'm so lucky to be a Bethnal Green resident now

My MP, the extremely un-gorgeous George Galloway, is going to spend up to the next three weeks locked inside the Celebrity Big Brother house rather than attending to any of the affairs of our constituency. Oh, and I'm sure that cavorting around with Faria Alam and Jodie Marsh, who I'm sure will get their breasts out asap, will endear him to the Muslim brotherhood whose support he canvassed so heavily. So if for any reason I, or any of my neighbours, have a problem we'll have to find someone else to talk to.

Well, seeing as he managed to speak in all of 4 debates since his election, and attend a measly 15% of all votes (634th out of 645 MPs) I suppose it won't make much of a difference. I only hope that it backfires so severely on him that he gets slung out of the Commons for bringing the House into disrepute, or something similar.

You can read a surprisingly interesting discussion thread here if you want an insight into how ardent Big Brother fans actually make for rather lively political debate. Me, this is the one time I'm both sorry and glad I don't have a TV.


The more I think about this, the more angry I get about GG, although I know he isn't worthy of it. But have a read of the MP's Code of Conduct and see whether you think he is in any way keeping within the spirit or the letter or the code.

I don't know what happens to an MP if you complain about him to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards - can he get thrown out? Could be time for a PledgeBank pledge...



totally agree. whilst I have some sympathy for his politics he is a loathsome self-serving human being, regardless of what he says.

By Blogger Gordon, at 12:40 pm  

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