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January 13, 2006 || 12:29 am
Finally, the Labour whip catches up

I'm not a New Labour fan or voter, but it did amuse me to see the news that today - a week after I started my pledge - Hilary Armstrong, the Labour whip, announced the launch of a petition against George Galloway's continued presence in the Big Brother house. Which is supremely useless, really, as GG won't know that its going on, or how many people have signed up, because he's not allowed any access to the outside world.

Whereas, I might say, writing to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards at least has a point to it, however implausible it may be that it will have any effect - to get GG censured in the House (of Commons, not BB) when he returns to the real world, and maybe (if enough of us write) to see further action.

In any case, he may get evicted tomorrow, in which case Labour's petition will be very much too late. Whereas I have already got over 100 people to post off their letter to the Commissioner. I'm also wondering whether Labour are being tactical about mobilising their members to vote for the eviction. If they were smart, they should try to keep him in there - the longer he's there, the stupider he looks. I might rather he was evicted and got back to work in my area, but as he doesn't do much there at the best of times, I guess he may as well stay in.

I was on TV tonight. I didn't see it because I don't have a TV. Can someone let me know whether I came across as an idiot for the five seconds that they probably showed my face?



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