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January 05, 2006 || 9:22 am

Willie Nelson's new biodiesel venture is in the New York Times today. I'm quite scared that Willie is already 72. But the biodiesel sounds interesting, although I do buy the point that to grow the fuel you have to do multiple passes over the field in diesel-powered engines, so what benefit you really get from all of that I'm not quite sure. But I trust that someone's done the maths and it must add up because otherwise how does anyone make a profit on all this?

And his filling tanks have a pretty cool retro-futuristic design, I think...



As it happens,good friends have just got a grant to build a community biodiesel reactor in nearby Amirim- planned fuel is used cooking oil,and I'm investigating possibilities of using the diesel to fire a kiln.Felafel-scented pots? we shall see...

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