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January 13, 2006 || 5:07 pm
Ditch Monkey

I'm sure everyone apart from me already knows about this but I just found out that there's someone who has been living in the Oxfordshire woods - really in the woods, with no tent, just a couple of sleeping bags and a rucksack's worth of stuff - for seven months now while holding down a steady job in London. Amazing. Jealousy-making, despite the tales of the cold and wet and thorny. I want to go live in the woods now, sod this hip urban lifestyle thing. People think that my going to live in a big cold tin shed in the middle of redneck Alabama was a weird thing to do and I told them that it was great and really, having no central heating doesn't matter. But my squatting was absolutely nothing compared to this act of marvellous genius. Even Thoreau built himself a house.

Anyway, his blog is fantastic, go read. He's doing it all in aid of the Woodland Trust, so you should go sponsor him too.



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