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January 08, 2006 || 1:06 pm
How to find me

I'm proud. Checking my site stats today (not very impressive) I nevertheless found out that if you google Marble Halls Highbury I'm the first website that comes up.

Other wasy to find me - muddy kit fetish, is Harry Redknapp Jewish [there's obviously a football thing going on] and "fake urbanism"/.

Its Sunday. Forgive the inane posting. I'm getting dangerously obsessed by Celebrity Big Brother. As I don't have a TV and the live online feed isn't available for Macs, I'm reduced to following it via the forums - which, as a friend of mine pointed out, is rather like what happens during cricket season, when one endlessly presses 'refresh' to follow the over by over commentary, and thus no work is done...



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