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January 08, 2006 || 11:04 am
Spy on the unsuspecting

My Sunday morning was made much more interesting by the discovery of this new website which has found all the unprotected CCTV camera streams from all around the world and mapped them onto a GoogleMap. Absolutely enthralling stuff. I've spied on ski slopes in the Alps, a Portugese cafe at breakfast time, a cast aquarium with what looks like dolphins swimming lazily around, and some extraordinary square in South Russia (I know not where) - snow-filled, vast, with some incredible architecture. If you look at the map, its the middle marker of the three in that area.

An amazing way of seeing your way around the globe at this moment in time, from the sleeping USA to the super-activity of the Swiss Alps in January. The images open if you click on the markers - you don't have to go to the 'link' - just give it a little time as it can be a bit slow. Thanks to Google Maps Mania blog for the tip!



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