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January 10, 2006 || 1:25 pm
Pledge update

This thing keeps snowballing. My pledge about George Galloway has passed its target of 100 people, and the numbers keep mounting - if you want to sign up, please do, because the more the merrier! I had my comedy interview for the Late Edition (BBC4, 10.30pm Thursday - I got it wrong before, sorry!) this morning - if you tune in, I may look like a prat but think charitable thoughts!

I'll be writing the letter to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards soon, in between all the other million things I need to do. Hee hee.



Of course if you were REALLY 'net' you'll download this and host it...

or maybe I'm just hoping you will because I know I'll forget.

By Blogger Gordon, at 1:40 pm  

good luck with yr excellently
democratic pledge

By Blogger sbs, at 7:37 pm  

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