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July 29, 2005 || 4:08 pm
Why I love my little black burka

Slowly (Southern speed) moving from finishing a batch of work to planning my route up north. It's been an uncharacteristically grey week here, a fair amount of rain and heavy clouds, but only a slight let-up in the heat. Last night we went out in Columbus, GA, which was pretty amusing...ending up dancing to house music c.1999, which is something that my arms and legs have actually forgotten how to respond to.

For your amusement, I'll pass on this item - well, it asks for the bad pun of 'black humour'.

Apparently Iranian censors black out women's skin in magazines with marker pens before they can be sold (I never saw this while I was there, but then I didn't try to buy any Western magazines). Which, in the case of a Marie Claire feature on little black dresses, becomes a pretty funny spread. Click on the pic for a bigger version.

(via Stay Free Magazine and Sensory Impact)



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