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July 07, 2005 || 2:43 pm
Shocked and worried

I'm in shock. Was woken at 7.15 this morning by a phone call from a friend asking if I'd seen the news. I managed to get hold of my parents but not the boy.

Please if any of my friends read this, can you leave me a comment to let me know that you are OK? I'm tremendously worried and shocked - the city that I love, so close to home - and I'm meant to be flying back tomorrow. All incredibly surreal for a beautiful sunny Alabama morning, everyone going about their business as usual.



Hi Hana, I know we haven't been in touch for ages but I thought I'd let you know what I know; Ali, Katie H and Vicky are all fine, me too. I had been feeling none too chipper so I decided to stay at home ...

People appeared to have been awoken - politically-speaking - of late, and in the best possible sense; looking outward at the world and being buoyed up with the idea that every voice could make a difference. Even the bid for the Games in 2012 was focussed on what London could give to the world, predictable as that might have been. A buzzing feeling, a sense of being 'alive' ... ironic, given the events of today.

Take care, let me know if there's anyone I can try and reach for you - mobile networks have been a bit stuffed so you may have trouble. xx

By Anonymous Tania, at 4:50 pm  

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