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July 01, 2005 || 4:32 am
Links for today

I know nameless people who don't like linklogs, but who did like Charles Clarke singing about ID cards. However, I've been saving up bits of web ephemera of varying degrees of seriousness, and tomorrow is Friday, so here are some things to happily waste your time with:

David Lynch reads the weather. Yes, that David Lynch. And he does it daily. Amazing.

A dictionary of imaginary places.

Video clip of Allen Ginsberg reading his seminal antiwar poem Hum Bom.

London's tube disruptions as a rather wonderful animation

How to make an Enigma machine out of paper. I really want to do this but I don't have a printer...

and, silliest of all, but really a work of genius, this complaint letter about sitting next to the toilet on an airplane. If you want more serious reading matter, visit my del.icio.us page.



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