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July 06, 2005 || 2:09 pm
We got the Olympics.

Oh my. Us design-types have a secure employment future, thanks to London's winning the 1012 Olympics. Having been involved with much of the behind-the-scenes stuff on this before I came to Alabama, I think I'm pleased...but hope desperately that we don't do another very British f***-up. But at least architects and, erm, consultants like me (how I hate that term! I'm going to do a Hilary Cottam and call myself a designer!) will have plenty of work around to divvy up or fight over...

More seriously, I hope this starts a real push for good design in the Thames Gateway - and forces us to produce a quality that might not otherwise happen. After all, it would be embarrassing to house the world's top athletes in Wimpy homes. And I hope it doesn't have the opposite effect - that of holding local authorities over a barrel, so desperate to complete everything that needs to happen in time that they accept any old crap from the housebuilders.



Not so, I'm afraid. The talk amongst us 'consultants' is of construction inflation, skill shortages and an investment drain. It's great if you are employed by HOK, or you have work in the Thames Gateway .... (I'm sure some wise person has stats for this!)

Interestingly, on a recent project 'winning the olympic bid' was an item on the risk register - it was clasified as high risk, but very unlikely!!!!! Nice one!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:26 pm  

I still think there will be a lot of work to get - just the sheer construction value of building work that has to happen is going to create a lot of paperwork for a lot of consultants. Working in the architecture world I know how many sub-consultants get employed even for the smallest job. So maybe this will assuage one of your worries - the 'investment drain'. I do know a lot of people who would have been literally out of a job if the decision had gone against us.

Skills shortages I could not agree more about and inflation, well we can't do anything about that. But maybe (lets be optimistic) the increased prominence and perception of a market upturn in the building industry as a result of this will lead to more people developing skills in this area...and let's hope they do so fast!

By Blogger HL, at 9:37 pm  

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