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July 11, 2005 || 9:54 am

In other news:

I was quite surprised to get such a vitriolic comment from Demos on my one-para, clearly signed as flippant, blogpost on their new report. I may write more about the report when I get time but as I am horribly behind with work it may have to wait. But for what it's worth (not much) I tried out the points that I made in that post, however flippantly, with friends over the weekend (and ones who quite regularly tell me to shut up when I'm wrong) and everyone cringed pretty badly at the "Hoody Two-shoes" title that I criticised, and those who had read the comment agreed with me that it was a bit of a bizarre overreaction.

The slightly more important point is that I don't want to have to censor the way I write about things for fear of being left off Demos' invite list (not that I'm on it anyway, but I used to regularly set foot in there for various things when my friend Peter worked there). They should be big enough to take the criticism and respond in the spirit that it was given in. But then, I seem to be attracting vitriol in the weblog comments world right now...as the only person who reads WorldChanging and also thinks New Urbanism is a pile of crap, and somewhat dangerous to boot.

On a different subject, I liked this, from the CS Monitor - a little cheesy, but as someone who is convinced that my total lack of a/c in Alabama made me way more hardy than all my friends there who moaned a lot more about the heat, I applaud the sentiment that we really don't need to keep our houses at 0ยบ to be happy.



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