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February 13, 2005 || 11:30 pm

It's been a fairly action-packed weekend. Friday night ended up being rather sociable and lovely, sitting up till late drinking and chatting in the apartment of a couple of Rural Studio-ites, one of the amazing and enviable Main Street apartments that they are living in rent-free while they restore it to a habitable condition. Amazing painted pressed-tin ceilings, fantastic furniture that they found in the apartment, left over from the last time it was used, probably in the 50s, as a doctor's office (there is still an arrow painted in the hallway with the word 'Colored' above it). Its the kind of loft-ish apartment any urban dweller would dram of living in and only the very wealthy could afford, yet here all these apartments are uninhabited except for RS people.

Then yesterday, after doing some work on site, it was off for a bit of bluegrass jamming at a party near Selma. Lots of fun as always, and then on to Club 28 for their 'Valentines night' (8-piece band playing music to dance with yuor loved one to, supposedly) and the usual mayhem...so today was a lazy, drizzly day mainly spent eating a late Southern breakfast at the Waysider and reading the New York Times in the Books-A-Million cafe...the only place to find a paper for miles around...



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