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January 28, 2005 || 1:01 am

Well, we got our first wall up today! the step-by-step process, including f***-ups...

We build the wall flat (sorry, no photos of that bit). Optimistically, bouyed up by last weeks advice by some Chicago architects who told us we could, we prepare to lift the whole 44'x10' thing up in one bit.

Obviously, this doesn't work. It's real heavy. That means it's time for Johnny to cut the whole wall in half with the Sawzall.

So, we get one half up! cheers all round.

We get the second half up! Hooray!!! (for those of you wondering where the windows are, don't worry, it's just that we don't cut out the OSB straight away so it's stronger while we lift it up).

Oh dear. Someone (Mr Freear) didn't actually line up the first section perfectly so we have to move them both so the wall fits onto the platform. After we've hammered loads of nails into it. to hold it down. Cue crowbar action. Cue more hammering.

Hooray! it's done. We cover it up with our tarp and put it to bed (with Larry demonstrating how to shim up a 2x6)

Day's work done, time for a beer.



Happy to see your building under construction.
Thanks for sharing your design process & community experience with us.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:46 am  

Nice pics. Makes me wish my back was that young again!

I've enjoyed reading about your time in Alabama. If you finished "Now Let Us Praise Famous Men", you might also want to read "And Their Children After Them". It's a sequel of sorts and tells about the lives of the children and grandchildren of the people from the original book.

By Blogger Rurality, at 7:10 pm  

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