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January 04, 2005 || 10:43 am

So many things to report after the holiday blogging lull (too busy eating and drinking to be nerdy). Back in England seeing lovely English friends, walks in the countryside, lovely old pubs, big New Year's Eve party in the barn in Suffolk. About 20 good friends of mine and some neighbours, lots of lovely food and masses of red wine around tables in the barn (see below for the 'pre-party' shot), big bonfire and champagne at midnight out on the marsh, with Big Ben's bongs supplied by a portable radio, watching all the fireworks go off at all the villages around the estuary. Magic, seeing them explode silently, reflected in the water, under a bright moon.

Then back to the barn for crazy coloured cocktails courtesy of some friends bringing a cocktail-bar-in-a-basket, angostura bitters and all, teaching my mates (and my mother) to two-step to some good ol'time bluegrass, much whirling and twirling and giggling and drunken violin-playing and chewing the fat with friends I haven't seen for months, ending up around the kitchen table at around 5am.

The next day, it was bacon and eggs and coffee all round as people gradually emerged from sleeping bags all around the house, then a brisk walk on the marsh among the fat-tailed sheep and putting everyone back on the train to town. Leaving me and my boyfriend to mooch around for another day before ourselves wending our way back up to London town...

It's the first time I've had a NYE party in Suffolk but it was much fun, I think for everyone. Better than hectic and expensive London with everyone trying to have the best night of their lives. Just really good friends (and some newcomers to spice up the mix), a big barn to play around in and no worrying about the neighbours.



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