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January 30, 2005 || 10:45 pm

It's been a party-full and action-packed weekend, for a change! which is just as well, because the grey weather was definitely not condusive to sitting in Beacon Street for hours on end.

On Friday it was Carol's birthday, which of course meant Club 28 action... It was cowboy boots and bourbon all round for our first 'nightlife' outing of the New Year, kicking off for drinks at the Muckle House, followed by dinner at Buck's (exactly what it sounds like) and Club 28, all accompanied by three second-years that we'd drafted as our sober drivers due to the fact that they're all too young to drink - perfect!

Then it was driving cross-state to Butch's for an amazing seafood extraveganza (blogged in full here, courtesy of his brothers who had turned up for some partying. It's always such an amazing break to go to his house which manages to be inimitably homely and relaxing (strangely like my parents house in Suffolk in some ways!) We ate and drank copious amounts, sat around a fire telling stories and fiddling and dancing. And there was late-night brotherly arm-wrestling as well, like someting from a Tennessee Williams play. Very surreal and Southern! but luckily no broken limbs this time.

In the morning it was time for a leisurely breakfast and feeding of the pigs with last night's slops, before getting back on the interstate and driving home on a rather English day, grey overcast sky taking over from brief flashes of soft sunshine in the morning.



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