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January 11, 2005 || 1:44 am

OK, I'm convulsing with laughter. Check out Query Letters I love (thanks to Crooked Timber for the link).

And while you're at it, in today's long overdue browse through the blogosphere, I found the delightful and utterly true joke of DirectionlessGov, this extraordinary news (no more shopping at Waterstones - how can they be so humourless? is it just the Scots branches?) and, if you want to get really really angry, or as I did, dither between giggling hysterically and destroying my computer as I dithered between thinking it was a great spoof and all for real (it's all for real, sadly), look at God Hates Fags. How can something so utterly damnable and sick also be so funny?

I also found SlowLab and I can't decide if it's too well-meaning and soppy for its own good or might possibly be onto something. Trouble is, they haven't actually done anything yet.

It's too warm here. There are mosquitoes. It's January, they should be dead. What's going on?



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