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January 16, 2007 || 10:56 pm
Serpentine 2007

Apparently it is Frei Otto for the next pavilion. But I was a bit surprise by this as although technically it may be his first project in the UK (all the pavilions are done by those who have never built here before) he has actually done a building in Britain - the workshop at Hooke Park, formerly John Makepeace's wood research campus in Dorset and now belonging to the AA.

He collaborated with ABK and Buro Happold to create the Workshop, which experiments with bending greenwood and carrying loads across large spans on small-diameter roundwood beams, and the Refectory, which is meant as a prototype for a house, in which the structure hangs like a tent on four A-frames. But the Workshop is definitely considered one of his important works.

Still I'm a big fan of his experimental and construction-led approach, so I can't wait. Especially after the downer of Rem's attempt last year.



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