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January 18, 2007 || 11:50 am
Play: The Atheist

Last night I went to a preview of The Atheist, here on its UK premiere after having been performed off-Broadway. Excellent, rhythmic writing from Ronan Noone, excellent one-man performance from Ben Porter, directed by my old friend Ari Edelson. But despite the connection, definitely worth seeing.

It's the self-told story of a tabloid journalist in the States, whose fierce lust for fame and rejection of God bring - well, is it amorality? The post-show Q&A was good on this, topical in these days of the Big Brother controversy. Particularly when the writer (who lives in the States) told a great story of switching on the TV late at night in the friends' flat he is staying in here, to see grainy, dark pictures of two girls snuggling up together and thought his play had come to life. I won't tell you more in fear of spoilers.



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