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January 09, 2007 || 10:32 pm
Apple love/hate

Of course, it had to happen this way - because it always does. Whenever I buy a new gadget, it always seems to be just before MacWorld, when Apple brings out something that makes me immediately want to throw all my money at them and buy another one.

So I bought a new iPod to replace my old broke one, and I went freelance and celebrated by getting myself a BlackBerry (ugh, I know). So this was therefore preordained to be the year when all those iPhone rumours really came true at MacWorld - and they did.

And I am a slave to Apple, but I love it and want it now. IT IS PERFECT. When can I give you my money, Steve? does it work in the UK?

Phew. It won't be out in Europe till the last quarter of this year. Gives me time to save up and, erm, enjoy my crap BlackBerry glitches and six-month contract lock-in...



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