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January 08, 2007 || 11:51 pm
Losing my (t)virginity

I've never, ever had a functioning television set in a house I have lived in. Until tonight when a non-functioning one, that the boy brought with him when he moved in, finally got an aerial. I watched...a few minutes of a grim C4 Dispatches from Afghanistan (some macho reporter going out with the troops) and, of course, Celebrity Big Brother.

I am pleased to report that the latter was phenomenally boring, so there is no risk of me getting hooked. Unfortunately, my TV-less existence had already got me hooked on 'watching' BB on the internet, via the Channel 4 site and, of course, the forums on DigitalSpy, source of all good gossip, much funnier than watching it in real life, and with 'WHATM' (What's Happening At The Moment) threads that are kept up to date by some dangerously committed subscription viewers. Compared to the DS banter, the TV show (what? I can't fast-forward the adverts?) was dull. And generally, YouTube definitely wins out due to lack of adverts and capacity to press 'pause' or 'save' when you feel like it.

But YouTube doesn't have Match of the Day, and we love the Arsenal (we do!) so, to please the boy (and, alright, me too) we now have functioning TV.

RIP. Parents, I'm sorry.



Get yourself BBC4 and you'll feel much better.

By Anonymous Rob, at 12:17 pm  

Noooo..I refuse to get into the world of cable and paying even more for anything to do with TV! Fuzzy analog signal is quite fine for me!!

By Blogger HL, at 12:23 pm  

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