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December 03, 2004 || 5:14 am

We are progressing on site slowly but surely. As in, no actual bits of building yet but very meticulously set out batter boards and strings. Digging holes for foundations tomorrow, after which there really is no turning back. Meanwhile half the team has been researching every possible sort of anchor bolt/holddown for our foundations, as well as organising a septic system and various other indoor jobs. The foundations were today's subject of lengthy debate due to a ninth-hour loss of confidence among some team members. The soil around here is fundamentally a bog despite how pretty it may look - soggy, a high water table, sticky and generally liable to shift and sink. Not particularly good for any kind of foundation apart from 18ft piles going down to the bedrock, which certainly aren't within our budget. Luckily, after going round the houses again and consulting everyone else's opinion (all the tutors, fellow students, a local contractor, Johnny Parker, the internet) and considering the cost implications, we're still going with what we originally planned.

It's suddenly got very cold here - warm when the sun is up but as soon as it dips, our feet, wet from standing all day in our swampy site, suddenly become numb. Everyone is wrapped up to the ears after dark and in the morning, but in the daytime its gloriously sunny and clear, perfect working weather.



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