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December 12, 2004 || 10:07 pm

After working late and getting up early, it was a long, cold but interesting Pig Roast day. Cars in caravan formation behind the Dually pick-up adorned with the fluttering flags of the USA, UK and Auburn University, we toured each project in turn, where the group presented on site and the visiting Jersey Devils played their traditional role as guest critics. My group presented first, luckily as by the last presentation I was on the verge of falling asleep.

With only a short break for a freezing catfish lunch at Mason's Bend, we finally ended at 5pm back in Newbern, for a BBQ supper and bonfire before the main event, our party/art show at Beacon Street. This was lots of fun - I got my bluegrass-playing friends to show up, much to everyone's surprise as they mostly had no idea that I played the fiddle, and we got another bonfire going, and the whole crowd of students, tutors, devils, proud parents and random others drank and danced and chatted around the bonfire with that relieved, relaxed air of 'end-of-term'. We made mulled wine (apparently this is a novelty to the American South) but sadly, no mince pies...

Today was therefore one of those woozy, blissful Sundays recovering from a slight hangover and doing absolutely nothing apart from my laundry (long overdue), and following the Arsenal-Chelsea game 'live' over the web, rather jealous knowing that certain friends were there in person. Can't believe Thierry missed that sitter but still, it could have been much, much worse.



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