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October 18, 2004 || 1:23 am

My lovely sunny weekend:

Early morning bread making with Cara Mae and general cookfest, cooking up all the excess detention centre produce for freezing...

Lunch in the back yard before heading off to the Kentuck arts festival...

...involving my first ride in an American school bus...

...and more eating, before heading off to a free food-and-drink after-party with Butch, Cynthia (an ex-outreacher) and Jessie (another Auburn student), ending up with us collapsing into an oversized bed in the Hampton Inn.

(don't worry, no naughtiness occurred)

Today:more hanging out at Kentuck with various artists of good and bad varieties -some fantastic, some charlatans, as befits the scene. And now, back at home about to cook a Real Sunday Dinner.



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