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October 27, 2004 || 5:28 am

I decided it might be time to do a little research and find out who else blogs in Alabama. Oh my gawd. A lot of people are listed here. A lot of guys just like the ones I see around town, except somehow they got into blogging. Guys, if any of you are reading this, let me know how/why you decided to take your lives online.

Its pretty amazing how many people have basically dedicated their blogs to following the election (usually to the purpose of lambasting Kerry). People have put in a lot of work rehashing stuff from better-known right-wing websites. It's basically a big chain of links with no original material (the vastly long blogrolls testify to that) and one wonders what the natural selection of the blogosphere will do to these blogs.

A few Bamablogs that particularly caught my eye are listed now in the sidebars. As I no longer know what's happening in England I've taken off those links.



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