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October 05, 2004 || 2:25 am

Apologies to all for not posting all week. We've been on a 4000-mile road trip to Arizona and back, ostensibly as rent-a-mob for the RS's exhibition opening, really to have our minds blown open by that great big desert.

What can I say: huge skies, pink rocks, valleys fifty miles wide, plateaus, endless forests of green pine and golden aspen, no people, a mountain lion, driving all night across Texas seeing radio towers blinking in a hundred-mile array. America's absolutely the most beautiful country on earth. I can't understand why it's inhabitants aren't the most eco-conscious do-no-harm types ever. Why do they keep fucking it all up?

Though there is also a guilty and luxuriant pleasure in the fact that they dare to make cities 70 miles wide, great curving empty freeways and endless abundant sprawl of garish strip-malls full of cheap pleasures, spreading like kudzu. But I also felt a huge sadness seeing the depopulated plains while watching Westerns on the in-car DVD player, the history of the elimination of the people and animals that used to make it alive.



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