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October 07, 2004 || 4:55 am

After amazing Arizona it's back to the grindstone. We've got a crit tomorrow so I'm up with my computer tonight. This is again testing my not-exactly-perfect people skills, trying to get the best out of our architecturally inexperienced team without over-directing them to do things as I might do. This means that often the end result is something that I am embarrassed to present, because it's not up to what I consider to be an appropriate standard. It's things like the graphic design of a powerpoint presentation; it makes me wince to see deliberately mixed font sizes in a single sentence and cheesy excel graphs. The regular students' architectural backgrounds stand them in good stead here, with their graphics if not always their ideas - I'm jealous.

I really want to say 'look, I'll do it all' but when I've already over-committed myself to drawing all the other things that no-one else knows how to do, this isn't a good idea. And I don't want the rest of the group to feel redundant and tetchy. Very good training for my patience and diplomacy skills, which are both terrible!



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