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March 07, 2006 || 5:31 pm
New blog experiment

Those of you who aren't interested in planning or regeneration may be happy. I've started a new and experimental blog which aims to fill a gap in British web resources - bringing together all the latest news and comment from all sorts of sources on what's going on in the big bad world of urban (and rural) development. And so I'll stop posting here so much about all that. The new blog's here and very much a work in progress so expect many design changes and updates over the next few weeks. It's meant to be a useful resource for those who do work in the sector but find it hard keeping up with all the news so please leave me a comment to tell me how it could be improved! It may also become a group blog soon so if anyone feels like contributing, let me know. And if no-one finds it useful...well, I'll just stop.



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