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March 03, 2006 || 1:50 pm
Kings Cross countdown

The planning decision on the major development at Kings Cross Central, on which my firm worked, comes this time next week. In advance, we are cheered that the planners report from Camden Council recommends it for approval. In particular, we are very pleased by one comment. They said that it would deliver 'a real step change in the quality of the public realm at King's Cross with high quality and genuinely public new streets and open spaces'. Well, folks, not to beat our own drum too much, but that's all our work. We did the entire public realm strategy, for open spaces, streetscape, play, schools, event spaces, and most crucially, the links and integration with the surrounding areas.

This is the re-submission of the planning application, after the initial submission attracted a lot of criticism. The biggest difference between the first and second versions? I have to say: our work. From the Camden planners website:

"Major changes to the application include:

- more public open space
- new designs for streets and squares
- new health, education, sports and other community facilities
- changes to the road layout and introduction of home zones

All our work. If this gets through (as we hope) next week, I think it proves something: that caring about the public realm is not only a 'nice' thing to do, but actually, is essential for getting planning permission. (And, of course, that we are the people who can do this for you!)



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