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March 06, 2006 || 9:34 pm
Lucy's on the road

My good friend Lucy Begg has started an amazing year, funded by a travel grant from Berkeley, travelling all over the world to investigate the methods and strategies used by young and fringe architectural practices who work in participatory, activist and socially engaged ways. Check out her website Spaces for Action and her blog here. It's an amazing project and much to my own heart - and I was glad to be able to help a tiny bit during the formulation of her plans. I really have Lucy to thank for encouraging me to go to the Rural Studio after she spent a fantastic year - and our many conversations always make me question my own work and raise the bar for what you can do. She's got great energy and is a fantastic designer too...so I'm excited to follow her over this year!

Hopefully, Lucy, you'll make it to London at some point during your travels and I can hear it all from the horse's mouth!



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