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March 29, 2006 || 6:38 pm
Flying Egg competition

Adnams have announced this years Flying Egg competition for Artistic Inventors and Creative Geniuses: The Alternative Clock.

"At Adnams we care about the environment and take pride in encouraging artistic endevour and a strong sense of community. We hold unusual al fresco competitions to explore the link between imagination and functionality and promote the use of recycled materials.

Our challenge is to find exciting and bizarre alternatives to mundance practical objects that no-one ever notices."

It all culminates in a wild town party in Southwold which the Telegraph (not that they would know) said 'rivals the Tate' and involves stilt walkers, lots of food and drink and all sorts of bands. You can also win quite serious prize money - there's £2,750 up for grabs altogether. They even make eggcups with wings that you can buy.

Previous competitions have included the alternative deckchair and weathervane, among others. It all started with a mad scarecrow competition a few years ago and has mushroomed ever since. You get some absolutely wild entries from all over the country and the event certainly deserves to become a much-loved part of a new British folk culture.



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