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October 23, 2005 || 8:09 pm
More rural matters

Amazing - a survey has found that 75% of the British public want the railways re-nationalised, including 61% of Tory voters. Which is another interesting piece fo trivia to add to my growing file on the railways, tied into my emerging project for London Metropollitan about the architecture of rural services and community buildings (railways being a particularly interesting part of this, at least to me).

Another piece of this puzzle is this fascinating post on what happens to churches now they're not so useful for worship any more. Apparently old cinemas are being converted into churches for the evangelical masses, and churches are becoming everything from nail bars to climbing walls.

And another rural-themed report from We Make Money Not Art about the invention of self-milking machines for cows. I happen to know that a certain former-head of a big regeneration agency in town (no prizes for guessing) who spends most of her real energy on her organic farm, has been planning exactly such a set-up for her cows, claiming that they are much happier if they can milk themselves. Her version, I think, also involves a cow-triggered traffic light or something, so they can also get safely to the milking barn.



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