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October 19, 2005 || 9:13 am
The Egg is open!

Allow me a moment to praise my wonderful boyfriend, whose first major (£2.5m) building opened last night. The Egg, the new children's theatre run by the Theatre Royal Bath, is not only critically acclaimed and utterly beautiful, but that miracle of a well-run project - on time and under budget!

You can see some pictures on the architects website in theirphoto dumpster. The boy crawled home late last night after all the boozing and backslapping at the opening. But for me the biggest praise for him as the project architect came from the contractor who built the thing. 'Tom' he apparently said, 'you're the only architect I've ever worked with who knows about building.'

Knowing what contractors generally think of architects (scum of the earth), that's not bad praise! Congratulations to the whole team - including the boy's poor underlings who've put up with his occasionally foul moods for the last two years...



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