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October 23, 2005 || 7:56 pm
Happy National Apple Day!

Yesterday we went on an outing to the Middle Farm Apple Festival near Lewes, Sussex, held to coincide with Common Ground's National Apple Day. I'd found out about it through (nerd that I am) a website about American old-time music gigs. Because yes, banjos were present. But more than that, it was the mention of chicken-racing that made me really want to go.

There were chicken races. And real proper old-fashioned fairground rides. And an amazing Mousetown (how much fun must it be to live as a mouse in a real model town, crawling up and down stairs, in and out of windows, sitting in the pub or disappearing into the manhole covers?). Many, many more varieties of cider than I knew could exist - and they were pretty tasty. Cows, ducks, geese, pigs, morris dancers and lots of apples.

All really lovely fun and made me, again, nostalgic for the countryside life. [Though I must admit, it being near-ish to Brighton, there were a few too many yummy mummys/novelty wellie boots wandering around for it to feel truly 'authentic...]



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