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October 03, 2005 || 5:58 pm
Harriet Miers and the US bloghounds

So Bush nominates Harriet Miers, a close friend and utterly undistinguished lawyer to be a Supreme Court Justice. Her only previous judicial appointments have been ones that she was appointed to by, erm, Bush.

And now, the liberal blogs are so up-their-own arses that they are actually happy about this nomination because, of all things, the fact that she's an unknown quantity appears to be getting the right-wingers up in arms as they don't know for sure whether she'll vote anti-abortion. I.e., the Democrats (including Senate minority leader Harry Reid) are happy about this ultimate stealth appointment who will agree like a lapdog with anything Bush asks her to, because of some ridiculous points-scoring off the rabid Republicans. How about kicking up a fight about nepotism? No, instead, we'll have "great fun watching conservatives go after Bush" while any tradition of judicial independence goes up in smoke. Guys, look outside your own petty Beltway posturing for two seconds.



Well said and absolutely spot on! It's really weird watching these things from afar, maybe a bit of distance would help some of the "noisemakers" over there?

By Blogger Gordon, at 7:51 pm  

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