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October 30, 2005 || 9:15 am
Just in case anyone worried...

We were not in Delhi when the bombs went off yesterday - having arrived in Ahmedabad the day before. But it's quite awful that it has happened at this incredible holiday season, when all the streets we've seen are full of people shopping and looking forward to the 'Indian Christmas' - think bombs going off on Oxford Street on Christmas Eve and you might get the feeling.

This is a strange time to blog from India and I'll write in more detail in due course. But suffice to say, we've had some absolutely incredible experiences - the people we've met, the places we've seen, the projects and so on - inspiring and moving, and giving me lots of ideas. It's pretty humbling to see what some incredibly committed people (whether the schoolkids in Delhi that we visited, or the wonderful engineer Himanshu Parikh whose work we've been seeing here in Ahmedabad) can achieve, with such intelligence and sophistication in this chaotic country.



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